Carver Gases

 Gas tanker in garden

Mini Bulk Tanks -  Call 01902 577110 for the current price.

Mini-Bulk tanks are used for providing gas for domestic heating, and also for industrial heating and processes. Carver Gases provide these on a rental basis, the rental charge includes their installation and maintenance. We also have a fleet of tankers for filling the up the tanks.

Carver Gases have pioneered a pricing scheme which ensures you have competitive prices throughout our supply agreement. We set a list price for gas and give you an agreed discount off the list price. Our list price is set at a competitive level often beating the net retail price of our competitors, we keep it competitive to attract new customers and this re-assures our customers that they always have a price that is keen. If you have a tank supplied by another gas company, you can switch to us without needing to change tanks. This is the process.



  • Contact us for a quote.
  • When we send you our supply agreement, we also supply you with the necessary paperwork for you to sign to instruct your existing supplier to transfer the tank to Carver Gases.
  • Return agreement & tank transfer documents to us.
  • We will manage the tank transfer from your existing supplier to us.

If you are thinking of having a gas tank for the first time, contact us, our gas sales manager will visit you to discuss your requirements, where we could safely position a tank and he will tell you the level of discount we are able to give you off our list price. He will give you a copy of our supply agreement, which you can sign in your own time (no pressure from us) and return to us. We will supply the tank install it and the pipework up to shut-off valve outside your house which your heating engineer will be able to connect to. In addition we set you up with our Keep-Warm Budget account to help you even out your fuel bill payments during the year.


Autogas - 53.8p per litre (Discounts for large users)

We are all experiencing the ever increasing costs of running a vehicle, and LPG conversions are becoming readily more popular especially among the larger engined vehicles such as 4x4s. The costs of such conversions can soon be outweighed by the savings made by turning to LPG. Because of our massive buying power and storage facility, Carver Gases is one of the cheapest suppliers of Autogas for cars and converted vehicles in the country.

Our pumps are directly attached to our bulk gas facility, ensuring we always have stock and with no secondary distribution we can keep the prices incredibly compatitive and product easily accessable.


Gas Cylinders in the home - Call 01902 577110 for the current price.

Propane Gas cylinders are a really convenient way to heat your home. A bank of 2 or 4 cylinders attached to an auto- changeover valve can provide an uninterrupted source of energy for your boiler and cooker. With a cylinder bank when the cylinders one side of the auto-changover valve become empty, the changeover valve automatically starts using the cylinders on the other side. An indicator on the changeover valve lets you know that you need to order a replacement pair of cylinders. 




Carvers Gases deliver within 2 working days, our driver will swap the cylinders over for you.

Gas Cylinders in the work place - Call 01902 577110 for the current price.

Gas cylinders are used for a host of different purpose in the work place for

  • Heating via space heaters and radiant heaters
  • Powering fork lift trucks, Propane LPG is cleaner than diesel & its quick & easy to swap  cylinders over
  • Cutting steel
  • Roofing for boiling bitumen and laying felt
  • Road marking

 Carver Gases deliver in 2 working days and can operate a regular weekly delivery.