National Range Cookers at Carvers

National Range Cookers at Carvers, Wolverhampton, can proudly boast to having the finest range cookers in the world, from makers such as Lacanche, Esse, Viking, Mercury, Smeg, Falcon, Bertazonni, Britannia and Aga-Rangemaster, backed up by in depth expertise, from people who really know the cooker industry, inside and out.



The village of Lacanche in Burgundy has been making range cookers of distinction since 1796, with sizes from 60 cm wide up to 2.2 metres and above when required. Each model proudly bears the name of a town or village of the region which is so famous for its gastronomic and wine making heritage.

Our extensive display of Lacanche cookers is world class, showing the Rully, the ever popular 1 metre Macon and Cluny cookers, the medium size Chalonnais and Citeaux ranges, and our 1800mm Lacanche Flavigny, which allows us to offer personal demonstrations to those new to the Lacanche range experience.


The Lacanche range is quite unique, with each cooker being hand built to your chosen oven and hotplate specifications. On the larger Lacanche models customers can also choose combinations including extra gas burners, induction hobs, bain-marie steamer/boiler, electric plancha, and deep fat fryer, along with over twenty colours and five trims to choose from, making the cooker a truly bespoke product.


Delivery and Fitting

With a range cooker as special as a Lacanche it is vitally important that the delivery and fitting is equal to it, and that is why we offer a delivery and fitting service in with our price, giving you peace of mind, from a dedicated installation team that is second to none.

Our service team strive to make your installation as smooth as possible, and to this end we will be delighted to work alongside your own kitchen installers, just as well as we work with our own in-house kitchen design and installation team.



The Esse cast iron ranges are the original British ranges, with their history harking back to 1854, and this heritage is never better expressed than in the form of the superb Esse Ironheart multi-fuel cooker, giving superb control coupled with totally authentic traditional styling.

You don’t have to be totally traditional however, for alongside the wood fired Esse WN or the 990, there is the unique Esse CAT, this gas fired range needs no chimney as it is fitted with a built in catalytic flue, or the state of the art Esse EL13 which offers independent control on a cast iron range, powered by just two 13amp electric sockets. With the latest developments of a hot cupboard  to compliment the standard ranges, and a brand new Esse 990EL electric range.  Esse range cookers are available in wood and multi-fuel, natural gas, propane gas, and oil, proving that Esse are continuing to look to the future with their market leading innovation.



Viking is the favourite stainless steel range from the United States of America. The eight burner gas hob is world famous with each Viking burner’s ability to turn down low enough to work as a diffuser plate. The large capacity ovens will take the biggest roast comfortably. A range made to last, using high grade stainless steel on a solid construction. Check it out and discover the American dream Viking range for yourself.



The Mercury Range cooker is set apart by its beautifully distinctive retro design, yet it is a fully modern range cooker with superb build quality, available with a gas or an induction hotplate and boasting a large capacity multi-function oven, the Mercury is proudly British made.



Coming to us from the north east of Italy the Smeg range shows the world famous Italian flair for innovation and design. Smeg built-in ovens and microwaves are renowned for their quality, which has been constantly tested and controlled since Smeg first got involved in the cooker industry, back in 1948. Smeg is not just about built-in, their range cookers are equally popular from the Smeg Symphony, Concerto and Opera ranges to the superb traditional Smeg Victoria range which is justifiably capturing customer’s hearts.



The modern look of the Falcon beckons you to cook on it, the clean lines and powerful hotplate ensure that you have all the power you want at your fingertips, while the Falcon ovens are generous in size, and incorporate a multi-function main oven. Once you touch the Falcon you realise that you are experiencing a range cooker that is built for strength as well as purpose, always ready for the task ahead, you can always be sure of good results with the power of Falcon.



One of the fathers of Italian range cooker design, and inspired by the culinary culture of the Emilia Romagnia region of northern Italy, the Bertazonni range cookers offer style substance and quality that will delight the cook, and be beautiful in the centre of any kitchen.



Britain’s best loved range cooker is the top brand of the Aga-Rangemaster group is available in over twelve styles, each offering a variety of functions and colours. The Rangemaster has set a bench mark for design and quality that the rest have to live up to, no matter what your taste, there is a Rangemaster that will be right for you.


Ian & Bob

Both Ian and Bob have been involved in the cooker industry for decades.

Ian is a ex-British Gas engineer who has a passion for gastronomy, his knowledge and flair has led him into the management of National Range Cookers.

Bob started his working life as a chef before swapping slaving over a hot stove to building one, moving to Cannon Industries he worked his way up from the shop floor to be national sales controller, and run the divisions export department

For the best advice on cookers that you will get anywhere, come and talk to the people who know cookers and cooking inside out, here at National Range Cookers.  You can order online too and view our amazing special offers at the dedicated National Range Cookers website.