New Website

Over the past few years, we at Carvers have been growing our online presence and a few short years ago we launched a new eCommerce site that was easier to navigate than its predecessors. Whilst the current site was a welcome refresh on what we had previously, it became a bit stale and we had complaints that products were not that easy to find.

At the end of last year, we set out to completely rehaul the site which also meant a complete rehaul of the data within our system. This was no easy feat. The way we store items in our system had to be completely changed which while it has caused a bit of havoc for our Accounts department we knew it was going to be better in the long run. To say that we have built this from the ground up is an understatement. It is being rebuilt with the customer in mind so we've had to change how we do things internally.

We are happy to say that hopefully in the coming weeks we will announce the launch of the new site but here are a few nice features that we are adding to the website. 

  • Click and Collect - A lot of you have been asking for this and we are happy to say that this will be part of the new website. 
  • View your statements online - If you have a Credit Account with us then you will now have the option of downloading your statements. All you need to do is make sure you have signed up for our online account using your Carvers Account Number. 
  • View proof of deliveries - If you've had a delivery from us and you need to see who signed for it then you will be able to view this and download it as a PDF.
  • View your invoices - You will now have the option to download your Invoices also.
  • Return - You can now arrange a return of your web order from your order history.
  • More content - Another bit of feedback we've listened to is more content. Over the coming months, we will be adding 1000s more products to our online catalogue.

This is only a small amount of features that are coming to the new site. We are currently getting the "front end" ready before we do some internal testing to make sure everyone has an easy experience on our site.

As mentioned above, we won't be stopping. Once the new site is live we will still be adding more and more content. We have a system in place to add items we don't even stock from a wide range of our suppliers so that you can inquire about them. More images will be added to items over the coming months along with additional information from our suppliers such as technical data and we hope to have a review system put in at some point next year. But most importantly, we feel the navigation of the website will be a lot easier for our current and new customers.

For customers who have already bought off our website before or have a web account, you will be hearing from us shortly via email about the new site and how to access your account going forward.

Along with the new website, we will be pushing our social media platforms more. You will see a lot more about what we offer plus any special events and a whole lot more so if you haven't already then please follow or like us on the following:


Stay tuned for more information coming very soon!