Going Digital

Post Carvers fire, the company has been doing its best to "get with the times". Last year we upgraded our internal system to the very latest and stripped out all the junk to try and keep it streamlined for our customers' benefit. 


But that wasn't enough for us. In today's world where the hype is the environment, we wanted to better ourselves and one key area was our paper and printer wastage/cost. Prior to our upgrade, for example, one customer could get up to 4 pieces of paper! We rapidly halved that by introducing a new simpler till roll receipt for our cash customers rather than big A4 pieces of paper.


But that wasn't enough either! For our Credit Account customers, we required signatures from them so we had proof of purchase for their accounts department should they ever request it. Now this didn't seem like too much work from a checkout perspective but once that bit of paper was signed it would then have to go upstairs to our accounts department who would then scan them into a folder on one of our servers which would then link to our system so we could email/print them on request. It was very time-consuming. 


We wanted to be rid of A4 paper altogether and give all our customers a simple till roll receipt but still be able to capture the signatures. So we set to work on getting our tech partner to build a plug-in for our system that would allow us to digitally retrieve signatures that are directly stored in our system. After a few weeks of testing, we are happy to say we went live with this system last week and has been working flawlessly. 



Because we can directly store the signature in our system, we can then assign the signature to the invoice it relates to BUT we don't print it. All the customer gets now is a till roll receipt and we only print a signed invoice on request of the customer.


Our paper usage and printer costs have dropped dramatically already and now that we have this in place we can now start to use it across different parts of the system such as return orders.


In the not too distant future, Carvers are looking to go even further. Picking orders will be done on handheld devices so no paper will be used there and we will also be making our deliveries paperless and the customer signs a handheld device much like you would from Royal Mail etc. 


In an ideal world, we would like to be a paperless system and these are the first few steps in achieving that goal. 


For more information on our digital signature capture, please email our IT Manager at craigwhitlock@carvers.co.uk who will explain more.